Panacea is a cutting-edge .Net-based application which requires up-to-date hardware and software to operate to it's full potential.

  Recommended Minimum
Operating System Windows 7 or 8
(32 or 64 bit)

Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista.  (XP requires .Net framework 3.5 or above to be installed)

CPU Intel Core i5 (or better) Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM (memory) 2GB (or more) 500MB
Printer Lazer Inkjet. We strongly advise against using a dot matrix
Display Resolution of at least 1024x768
Internet Connection Panacea requires an "always on" internet connection.  DSL, iBurst, 3G (and other GSM technologies) are all fine.
We strongly advise against "fly-by-night" wireless operators that have sprung up illegally.
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